Una food blogger alla Masseria Il Frantoio

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Cailin O'NeilCailin O’Neil ‏@CailinONeil18 Giu
Just went for a spin in this beaut around some ancient Olive groves at @AgritIlFrantoio. She’s 64 years young 🙂 … pic.twitter.com/VIuIjdUHtz

Cailin O'NeilCailin O’Neil ‏@CailinONeil17 Giu 

A delicious five course meal tonight in Puglia, Italy at @AgritIlFrantoio Masseria Il Frantoio. Yum!! #6sechttps://vine.co/v/hBDzXOrY6MZ 

Cailin O'NeilCailin O’Neil ‏@CailinONeil17 Giu
Excited for dinner tonight at @AgritIlFrantoio but worried my pre-dinner fried fava beans and almonds filled me. I will eat everything! Haha

Cailin O'NeilCailin O’Neil ‏@CailinONeil17 Giu
Any guess’s as to what is in this drink I’m enjoying at @AgritIlFrantoio ? Aside from mint and ice… http://instagram.com/p/aqpkmHGuVG/ 

Any guess’s as to what is in this drink I’m enjoying at @AgritIlFrantoio ? Aside from mint and ice that is? There are 7 ingredients and they won’t tell me any of them! An 8th ingredient added though was some kind of very strong alcohol… I probably shouldn’t have too much… 😉

Cailin O'NeilCailin O’Neil ‏@CailinONeil17 Giu
My wonderful home for tonight! 🙂 @AgritIlFrantoio an old farmhouse in Puglia, Italy. Masseria Il Frantoio https://vine.co/v/hBwlPzPgFPY 

Cailin O'NeilCailin O’Neil ‏@CailinONeil17 Giu
Boarding a train shortly from Brinidisi to @AgritIlFrantoio for the night! So excited to stay at this lovely Italian farmhouse tonight 🙂

Cailin O'NeilCailin O’Neil ‏@CailinONeil9 Giu
Deep fried fava beans ( sans chianti ) whoda thought I’d like those? Sooo good! #Brimd Enjoyed at @AgritIlFrantoi… pic.twitter.com/WOK7ZrG3JH

Cailin O'NeilCailin O’Neil ‏@CailinONeil8 Giu
Enjoying goat cheese cooked with saffron and delicious pears at the Masseria Il Frantoio farm house in… http://instagram.com/p/aTGbWXGuQ6/ 



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